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 News or Chat?

Frank’s a dad
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Jose’s Song - Listen!
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  News or Chat?

Travelling abroad?.
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bbcblues Secretary Frank says...

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The New Forum


Notes on setting up and using the new forum

We’re top of the League... were ‘avin’ a laugh!

Why BBCBlues.co.uk?
Bristol & Bath Chelsea - The Blues!

I close my eyes, and stand there grinning (woah-oh),
we can't stop winning (woah-oh), you'd be grinning too.

When I first came (when he first came), I was de-lighted (woah-oh),
Could've managed united (woah-oh),any team will do.

I wore my coat (he wears his coat), the world is merry (woah-oh),
I've got John Terry (woah-oh) and Drogba too..

I switch them round (he switches round),they all are hating (woah-oh)
but I like rotating (woah-oh), any team will do.

A corner kick, is just enough, a little flick from Damian Duff,
the ball flies right into the net and we are one nil up...

May I return (may I return), to the beginning (woah-oh),
it's so easy winning (woah-oh), when your team is blue.

We can't go wrong (we can't go wrong), I am in heav-en (woah-oh)
playing whatever eleven (woah-oh), any team will do!!


    Also, this season we have a new Forum. I hope that it will prove as popular as the old one. The addition of some structure should mean that you can post relevant items together.

    Please feel free to use the Forum.
    It can be used to discuss any aspects of Chelsea that you wish as well as asking for travel information, lifts and venues to watch games etc

    If anybody else wishes to add their comments please do so. Or, use the Forum to discuss it.


Please note that the views and opinions expressed on this site, and in the associated forum, are those of the website manager and any contributors. They should not be taken as representing the views of Chelsea Football Club.

Competition News



Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle
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  Champions League

Anderlecht0-2 Chelsea
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  FA Cup

Waiting to begin...
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  Carling Cup

Ended against Charlton
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The Premiership Trophy
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